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Testing - - - Windows 10 Speech Recognition

Posted by Jude Daigle on

If you put past articles that have written, you’ll see that I have many different postings talking about speech recognition and used on either a computer or mobile device.  When I write about the speech recognition program I like to use the program itself to write the article which helps to test how well the program works.

In this case are done the same thing and I am writing the article using Microsoft Windows 10’s Speech Recognition application.  I will only run through the initial training session to give the system of brief analysis of my voice characteristics.  While with some programs like Dragon Naturally Speaking, this is sometimes sufficient to give an accurate response, I think Microsoft’s product will need multiple sessions to get to the same level of recognition capabilities that some of these better programs offer.

The basic control commands all seemed to work well and it may be that some of my issues are that I’m also using a new blue tooth headset that might not be transmitting as clear as I would hope.  I probably should listen to my voice in conjunction with what the system was typing out.  However, I do not see that as an option.

All in all, I find that the program is working sufficiently to use it but it does seem to get lost every so often and I have to bring the system back to the program started up again.  This is a frustrating issue but quick on the screen bring everything back to life.  My suggestion is to run multiple training sessions to increase the accuracy of the system so that you have a lower threshold of frustration when you begin using it.

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